Παναγιώτης Τερζάκης
2018 has been a very fruitful year for Panayotis! After touring this summer with his personal projects he participated as one of the lead singers in Yiannis Markopoulos' " The Free Besieged" based on the poem by Dionysios Solomos; one of the most important works of greek music repertoire (conducted by Theodoros Orfanidis). Additional concerts will take place in 2019.
Moreover a new song has been just released followed by a new album in 2019!

A versatile vocalist,musician  and performer, Panayotis is known for his ability to perform different styles of music with the a unique, personal approach and style. He mainly sings international tunes such as jazz standards, chansons, folk & world music ,gospel and spirituals, classical and post-modern music and of course greek music repertoire.

Initially a classically trained vocalist (bass) he holds a B.A. in Music from the American College of Greece (Deree Gollege), and a Diploma in Classical Voice from the Attiko Conservatory of Athens. Ηe was also honored with a Fulbright Scholarship and studied at The Longy School of Music in Cambridge (Boston,USA), from which he received his Master’s degree in Vocal Performance.

He has performed in greek, english, italian, german, spanish, french, russian, czech, hebrew and japanese in Europe, US and China with much success in theatrical and musical productions with an emphasis in his solo alternative projects.

He has appeared in venues such as Zero Arrow of the American Repertory Theater, Jarvis Theater of Napa (CA), The Pickman Hall, T. Eliot Library (Harvard University), M.I.T Chapel, King's Chapel, The Hellenic Cultural Center of Watertown, The Center For The Arts in Natick, Amazing Things Firehouse of Birmingham, St. Paul Boston's Cathedral, Lowell University, Lowell's Historic National Park, Red Hall Theater (Shanghai),Megaron Moussikis (Athens), Onassis Cultural Center of Athens,Vouleftiko (Nafplion, Greece), Herakleidon Museum-Experience in Visual Arts, Eilissos Pocket Theater, Cafe Alavastron, Olvio Theaterand, GazArte and elsewhere. 

His first album "Far Away Land- songs from Greece" (PT9969- September 01, 2009) was a result of these appearances. The album includes Greek Folk songs in a modern, new age approach and got critical acclaim both in the US and Europe and reached the World Music Top-100 of CdBaby charts based on sales from all over the world.

His 2012 digital EP "Free" is an avant-Americana fusion album that combines folk, progressive rock, rhythm and blues and country elements proudly presented by Panayotis and a small group of select musicians. It includes his very first published composition "Free" along with three covers of songs by S.Cooke,J.Denver,T.Reznor.

In 2014-16 he appeared as Agamemnon in Offenbach’s “La Belle Helene”; a comic operetta in greek language which toured all over Greece and became an “alternative classical smash hit” as the press described it! The operetta broke a record of more than 70 shows within a year and half!

In June 2016 a CD of the highly acclaimed composer and arranger Tasos Karakatsanis was released where Panayotis sings new songs upon the poetry of Noni Stamatelou.

In 2017-18 he held the role of the King in the childrens' musical play "The Beggar and the Golden Keyhole" based on the book of M. Grammatikakaki. (original music by Giorgos Peristeris, directed by Lena Georgiadou). The digital CD of the show has been recently released from Subways Music.

A special project for Platos' Academy Digital Philosophy guide has been also recorded with Panayotis' voice; a guide that follows the ancient paths of Athens and describes more than 90 monuments in the city.

Furthermore, Panayotis' love for folk and world music has led him to work for more than 10 years upon the music and tales of Europe and the US and present them with story teller E. Gerokosta in a variety of alternative venues all over Greece; forests, beaches, chapels, rivers, museums.

Panayotis works also as a voice coach and advisor; he composes music for the theater and tutors several groups and projects dealing with the voice.

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